Name: Mag. art. Victoria Belitsch  
  Place of birth: Minsk, Belarus    
  Hometown: Graz, Austria    
  Education: 1984 - 1992: Elementary school  
    1987 - 1992: Musical school no. 14 (flute, piano)  
    1992 - 1995: Lyceum of the Belarusian State Academy of Music  
  Study: 1995 - 2000: Bachelor program of the Belarusian State Academy of Music,  
      Instrumental interpretation with Prof. Nina Avramenko  
    30.05.2000: State exam with distinction: "Concert Player, Artist of the Orchestra,  
      Artist of the Chamber Ensemble, Teacher of the Special Instrument“  
    2000-2001: Master program at the Belarusian State Academy of Music, instrumental interpretation (flute)  
    28.06.2001: State exam: Mag. art.  
  Masterclasses flute: NJO Summer Academy (Netherlands)  
      András Adorján (Germany)  
      Bruno Meier (Switzerland)  
      Aleksandr Haskin (Qatar)  
      Elzbieta Gajevska (Poland)  
      Herbert Weissberg (Austria)  
      Reza Najfar (Austria)  
  Languages: Russian: Mother tongue  
    Belarusian: Mother tongue  
    German: B1  
    English:  B1  
  Prof. experience: 1995 - 1999: Principal Flute of the Opera Studio of the Belarusian State Academy of Music  
    1995 - 2000: Flute teacher and teacher of chamber music at the musical school in Minsk  
    1998 - 2014 Grand Symphony Orchestra of the National Academy Bolshoi Theatre of Opera and Ballett of Belarus  
    2006 - 2014: Principal Flute

    1992 - 2003: Flute ensemble "Syrinx"ötenensemble_Syrinx  
      Recording of 4 CDs  
    1998 - 2005: Minsk Klezmer Band (flute, violin, clarinet, fagott, piano)  
      Recording of 2 CDs  
    since 2003: Instrumental trio "Loreleya" (flute, violin, cello)  
      Own arrangements for the trio  
      Recording of a CD  
    since 2008: Vocal and instrumental ensemble „Timpan“ (vocals, flute, violin, guitar, piano)  
      Recording of 4 CDs  
    since 2009: Duet „Renaissance“ (flute, harp)  
  Prices and awards      
    1991 II. place at the national contest (Soligorsk, Belarus)  
    1995 I. place at the national contest (Vitebsk, Belarus)  
    2000 I. place at an international contest (Ukraine)  
  Concert tours:   With chamber music ensembles around Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Poland, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria
      With the Grand Opera Orchestra of Minsk around Netherland, Spain, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Canary Islands, Abu Dhabi
      With the NJO Summer Academy in the Netherlands and Czech Republic