The Flute

What has led you to my website? I believe, that nothing happens on accident. And if we meet each other, for the present only virtually, it means - we are close to each other and there is something, that connects us. Music can effect much, it’s a great miracle in our life. I’m happy to have my flute. With its help music opens people’s hearts and connects soulmates. When I play the flute, I often see and feel, how people are transfigured and bloom. I don’t need to do much – just to open my heart and let the music flow through. Music does the rest. It transfigures the world around us, like a fairy does, and gives joy to everyone, who is ready for. And who doesn’t need it - passes  by indifferently. This is ok, too. Everyone has an individual way. And if our ways converge - it means - we can create something new and beautiful!

Let's create together! 

Rajneesh (Osho)
The flute is a small instrument in the hands of God,
Who plays on it. His song.
The flute is a polished piece of wood. It is hollow inside.
But it can be filled with the breath of God…
God takes
this hollow lifeless piece of wood
and touches it with His lips.
God starts to breathe Himself into the body of the flute,
and it comes alive…
And from His breath and the flute the music is born.
The breath of God and the small instrument
and become the sound of a Divine song…
There is only the breath of God
and His gentle Hands,
which touch the flute with the fingertips…
There is only the song of God…
The flute itself is mute
without His Divine breath.
Your body is the flute.
And then there is no you, there is only the Creator,
Who sings His Song of Love!